ALL PRICES BELOW ARE BASED ON 16mm WEATHERBOARD (HEAVY DUTY BOARD) Delivery is free within 15 miles and includes installation and base coat colour. Foundations are not included in the price.  

Summerhouses depending on the size, prices start from:
8x6 £1080       8x8 £1350      10x8 £1800

Sheds & Garages 
Like our playhouses, our sheds and garages can be made to suit your garden in size, style and colour. 

6x4 £440        6x5 £480          6x6 £530
7x5 £530         7x6 £565          7x7 £635
8x6 £635         8x7 £665          8x8 £765
9x6 £675        10x6 £715         10x8 £945
12x8 £1050       10x10 £1250      10x12 £1450
10x14 £1800 

Garages  - It is crucial that you provide concrete or slabbed base that offers dry and level foundation for your new garage. 

16x9 £1600        16x10 £1750    18x9 £1825
18x10 £1950       20x9 £2150        20x10 £2350
20x12 £2600

Potting sheds:
7x5 £795     8x6 £925      10x8 £1250

Wall stores:
4'x 2'6" x 5'    £270 
6'x 2'6" x 5'    £320



We offer a bespoke service for all playhouses. Maybe you have already chosen your design or you have seen a wooden playhouse you would like built in your garden, then just email us the photograph or sketch with dimensions and we will be more than happy to provide you with an all inclusive quote. We have playhouses to suit all budgets. 

6x6 including a veranda  £550 
8x6 including a veranda  £650
Hansel & Gretel with an upper bunk & ladder  £1300

Our range of playhouses give children hours of fun and come with multi coloured paintwork and Perspex windows for the safety of your children.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE 


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